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See How #Dltledgers Founder, Samir Neji Talks On How Traditional Supply Chain Processes Struggle With A Lack Of Transparency, Visibility & Adequate Risk-Monitoring, In-Turn Driving A Financing Gap Between Capital-Starved Institutions And Banks.

Covid-19 Has Accelerated The Widening Of This Inter-Enterprise Gap Amidst A Change In Deep-Tier Financing Demands From Both Institutions And Banks.

An Integrated Digital Solution That Delivers Transparency, Visibility & Adequate Risk-Monitoring In Real-Time Is The Need Of The Hour To Address Financing Disequilibria. An Extended Solution With Regulatory Participation Will Close The Loop, Significantly Improving The Ability To Detect & Prevent Double Financing & Other Fraudulent Activities.

Continuous Interconnected supply chain with ML


Our collaborative technology is already deployed by several organizations to combat the current crisis. If you are the business leader looking out for technologies to support you with the problem at hand; attend this webinar. You’ll learn how our collaborative network-based approach will get your suppliers get back on track. We’ll share insights such as; Is it hard to set up? Is your business a potential candidate?

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How Blockchain can transform Trade Finance in India.

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The series of events organized by Hyperledger India Chapter in summer of 2020. Hyperledger in APAC presents Blockchain Stories 2020 - Part 1. 30th May 2020 Welcome and Inauguration by Julian Gordon, VP, Hyperledger Asia Pacific Topics: - Cross Border Trade Digitization with dltledgers

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Cross-border trade is growing in scale and complexity, and with that scale come inefficiencies and challenges, driving

margins down. Massive volumes of antiquated processes and documents clog cross-border trade operations and related

trade finance.

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What are the disruptive technologies that could revolutionize supply chain management and commodity trade financing? Blockchain, automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data have all caught the imagination but how are they being deployed by traders and financial institutions (sometimes in partnership), and to what effect? Against this fast-changing backdrop, the industry in Singapore will also have to ask how it can attract and retain the staff it needs to compete in the digital age and what part the government can play.

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The world is facing an estimated US$5trillion trade finance gap, which is hampering efforts to grow SMEs and create jobs. Digitisation, with blockchain as the cornerstone technology, shows promise in solving this pressing global challenge, with multiple platforms already in production. How can the industry drive commercial adoption at scale, and what are the key challenges ahead? Can the recently announced Singapore Digital Trade Registry help improve transparency, reduce fraud, and ultimately increase liquidity in the system? And will this enhance the democratization of access to global markets?

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In this panel, you will hear from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on its major new initiative to establish a globally harmonized, digitized trade environment. Hyperledger members and blockchain leaders will discuss the development and state of blockchain solutions for trade and trade finance today.


  • Mark Cudden, CTO, we.trade
  • Emmanuelle Ganne, Senior Analyst, Economic Research Department, World Trade Organization
  • Oswald Kuyler, Managing Director, Digital Standards Initiative, ICC
  • Atul Patel, Chief Platform Officer, dltledgers
  • Parm Sangha, Global Blockchain Leader for Trade & Trade Finance, IBM
  • Julian Gordon, VP Asia Pacific, Hyperledger
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