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Schneider Electric

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Schneider Electric


A Time To Leave Old Problems Behind

Schneider Electric has been in business for a long time and has always had to deal with the challenges of managing an increasingly complex supply chain. As a market leader, they believe in innovation and building competitive advantage for sustaining its leadership position in the industry. 

Makeshift methods and tools used to manage the incredibly complex supply chain network of several chip manufacturers and fabricators include traditional one way collaboration methods of the past. Transparency and visibility were key issues and unexpected delays had huge consequences due to the lack of sufficient time to respond.

Schneider Electric decided the time had come to find better ways to manage extended supply chain into the future and were open for innovation with dltledgers platform. 

Putting The Pieces In Place

We deployed a dltledgers platform end to end with several parties to solve Schneider’s “problem statement” and hit their desired targets. It was decided that the defined project will involve several chip mfg and fabricators, many of their key suppliers. It had to be relatively cost effective and also be ready to go in a reasonable amount of time. In weeks and at a reasonable subscription cost, dltedgers blockchain deployment was executed within the extended supply chain framework, as a network. 

Plug And Play

Many of the chip manufacturers and fabricators in Schneider Electric’s network were using different ERP software and our BClink, a universal blockchain interface that could be plugged in, configured and be up and running in only few hours and fabricators into the system, saving a tremendous amount of time and money as compared to other competing solutions. BClink connected the transactions from multiple and different supplier ERP systems with ease for blockchain submissions, completely automated and this delivering the path for digital tracking.   


With all the pieces in place and modules configured into dltledgers platform, Schneider Electric put EC Hub in action. EC Hub performed beautifully and met and exceeded all of their expectations. Every process and component in play was tracked and the extended network in supply chain worked flawlessly.

With this successful deployment, Schneider Electric effectively proved that the concept works, saving large amounts of man hours and resources. Future phases have started being implemented to include all of their chip manufacturers and fabricators to completely bring their supply chain into EC Hub. Working with us Schneider Electric gained these previously unattainable benefits:

  • Can I deliver customer order’s on time?
  • Real time decisions on extended supply chain delays, Impacting delivery schedules.
  • Lead time tracking for price negotiation
  • MSA Enforceability between unrelated parties in supply chain
  • A network which integrated all of our suppliers and supplier’s suppliers, offering one version of truth – real time.

We are excited at the opportunity of dltledgers platform, which can build networks; transform and build real time decisions into our supply side. We are already seeing results between our vendors.



Gautam Kamdar

Senior Vice president, Supplychain (EAJ)
Schneider Electric, East Asiatic Japan

Leading The Era Of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation involves an inter-enterprise network of several parties working towards a unique customer demand.

Customers have several channels by which they order their products and services. Supply chains are stressed and is in the process of a global transformation to meet these customer demands. We need extraordinary levels of innovation and a digital framework which can increase the efficiency in our supply-side frameworks today. 

Digitisation of contracts extends beyond geographical boundaries and government regulations; but impact of non-enforceable contracts leads to less efficient supplier processes. Autonomous self executing contracts streamlined between different unrelated trust-less parties can transform the way industry work today.

Digital Tracking With Authenticity

Business blockchain tracking can help you identify the loopholes at SKU level tracking of inventory flow across the extended supply network.

While traditional tools have focused on inhouse tracking and certifications, this did not result in establishing authenticity, commit and transparency required from demanding customers. Digital customers demand authenticated consent based solutions which can track across the digital and supply framework in blockchain.

DLT SmartCode can work from tracking with integration with your existing IOT devices, legacy ERP and bring/connect them into blockchain.

Supply Chain Reimagined

Extended supply chain across unrelated parties impact Customer ATP. Supply chain leadership needs solutions which can work beyond the traditional boundaries. 

Autonomous self executing contracts streamlined across unrelated parties in the network deliver real time SupplySide visibility across unrelated parties. Blockchain enforceability algorithm in Platform enables enforceability of lead time commitments, build an on-time delivery pattern and save costs.

Privacy of each party is controlled in the network digital file cabinet, acting as a secure vault for all MSA and related supply chain contracts.


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