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Once in our lives we are presented with something that can radically change the way enterprise business is conducted. At #dltledgers Singapore, our teams are building tools which can transform international trade, digitise trade finance for banks and much more.


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Role: Product owners ( Singapore & India ) 

About #dltledgers:

dltledgers is Asia’s leading plug-and-play blockchain platform, with a focus on streamlining global trade and supply chains. We achieve this by digitising the inter-enterprise workflows between our customers and their partners. This reduces the reliance on manual, paper-based processes, which contribute to unnecessary delays and redundancies. Thanks to the unique nature of blockchain, we also create transparency and immutability of records, tackling the lack of trust that typically exists between supply chain and trade partners.

To date, we have collaborated with over 45 banks and 400 customers to digitise US$3 Bn in global trade volumes. We’re a team of 60 people, based out of hubs in Singapore and India, and sales offices in Dubai, Auckland, and Japan. We welcome you to join a company that is increasingly becoming the go-to solution for blockchain-based trade digitisation.

We are looking for experienced and passionate Product Managers/Owners who has close to 10-15 years of industry experience in BFSI domain (Trade Finance preferred) with more than 5 years specifically in core Product Management involving Product Definitions, Versioning and Roadmap creation.

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Defining the Vision
    • Interacts and collaborates with the Sales / Marketing / CEO / Engineering to understand their requirements; thus, to translate the product vision into a form the development team can clearly visualize to ensure the user’s expectations are met.
  • Managing the Product Backlog
    • Manage the product backlog in order to maximize the value of the end product.
  • Prioritizing Needs
    • Review the backlog before each iteration planning meeting to ensure prioritization is correct and feedback from the last iteration has been incorporated.
  • Overseeing Development Stages
    • Overseers in every stage of product development, including planning, refinement, review, and sprint.
    • During the planning stages, works with stakeholders to identify and organize the steps required for the next iteration.
  • Anticipating Client Needs
    • Market knowledge and a clear understanding of the competition and the users’ pain points helps to determine what features should be implemented, pinning down the items customers want but are not able to visualize or ask for themselves.
  • Evaluating Product Progress at Each Iteration
    • Accountable for each stage of the development process and the final product, evaluating progress and performance and deciding whether the team can move on to the next steps.

    Location : 

    Singapore & Trivandrum, India

    Application Instructions:

    Please apply for this position by submitting your text CV to us . Kindly note that we can only respond to shortlisted candidates. 


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    Continuous research and development is a part of our DNA. can catalogue 10–30 use cases in your industry where Blockchain plays an important role. We also measure disruptive force of each use case and size its capacity/amount to turn it into a new revenue source.


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    To help meet the increasing need for blockchain developers, consultants and architects, has added blockchain training as an open house learning platform for our customers, a program that provides students and educators with training resources to develop market-ready skills.

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