#dltledgers shop


#dltledgers shop

Premium #dltledgers Subscription

$2,500.00 / month

Get unlimed access to the world’s first blockchain platform used by 400+ active traders for running paperless trade contracts, end-to-end. Initiate your first digital trades across multiple parties, including buyers, sellers, finance providers, carriers, freight forwarders, insurers, and more.
24*7 customer care guaranteed.

What you get :

  • Unlimited trades
  • Unlimited counter-parties 
  • LC issuance/ Import financing
  • Access to 45+ banks 
  • Trade Trust approved 
  • Nodal architecture – To keep all your data secure
  • Track and Trace – Functions ✔ 
  • Digital File Cabinet & basic OCR functions ✔
  • Unlimited 2 Day  customer support ✔

“Moving onto the electronic systems has helped us access earlier financing from banks as the documentation flow is much closer to real-time. The use case is that we could potentially reduce our financing costs by at least 15-20% by using technology. We are also seeing indirect benefits. Traditionally there are a lot of costs related to operations. With the platform we can streamline that process in a way that frees up resources.”

Nitin Jain
Head of Treasury & Capital Markets, Agrocorp International

The dltledgers Premium  plan gives you access to the world’s first blockchain platform for autonomous post-trade execution by bringing together otherwise trust-less parties. Convert your existing trade operations into a completely digital trade execution process.


What you get:


  • A private permission blockchain managed and controlled by you: This is a private vault for your trade processes where appropriate data is shared between parties, privately, securely, and in real time.
  • An end to end plug and play platform: You can seamlessly initiate your first contract within 10 minutes with help from our customer success team.
  • Automated trade contract creation: Invite all your business partners to your trade group and create your network on our blockchain platform.
  • Accelerated payments and reduced days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • An immediate ROI
  • Reduced average financing cost by up to 25% p.a
  • Increased credit limits by more than 10x
  • Reduced processing times by up to 90%
  • Seamless integration with your existing inventory management or ERP systems
  • Increases operational efficiencies and collaboration among all trading parties like buyers, sellers, shipping, banks, insurance and certificate authorities.
  • Secure, role-based access anytime from anywhere through intuitive, blockchain based outputs.
  • Secure sharing of information with encrypted cryptography and blockchain based immutable digitised signatures
  • In depth analysis of key performance metrics for exporters including transaction fees, country risk and customer credit exposure
  • Enterprise-wide visibility and a means for measuring current status and trends across dispersed global business units
  • Document tracking with complete consensus, thus securing each document in secure vault.
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