dltledgers 2.0 Platform
The Legacy pitfall

Enterprises around the globe are interacting over legacy systems to move their transactions forward. But the legacy systems are missing an essential piece of the puzzle, "Collaboration." This siloed interaction in multi-party transactions have a barrage of limitations -

1) Because of the lack of transparency among the stakeholders, it is challenging to maintain the compliance and statutory requirements

2) Multiple-parallel communications makes collaboration non-existent

3) Transactions are moved forward only from a single person's point of view, updated at individual stakeholders' end.

The Evolution

We call it the next evolution in global supply chain and multi-party transactions.
We took the best of #dltledgers 1.0 and made it even better. We have built the platform with collaboration in mind and that will become your single source of truth for your multi-party transactions.

Say hello to dltledgers 2.0

We built the platform on 12 key attributes crucial to building a solid functioning engine for an extended supply chain.

  • Hyperconnect
  • Machineflow technology
  • Cognitive Documentation Automation
  • Identity management
  • Rule Box
  • Authenticator
  • BC Link
  • Green Door
  • SmartAccess
  • Hub and spoke
  • Consensus Engine
  • dltledgers Network Builder (DNB)

Seamlessly build and expand your secure network among your internal and external stakeholders to run a frictionless transaction.

  • Build and expand dynamic network among your business partners on the fly
  • Built on proprietary #dltledgers platform
  • Enterprise-grade security through distributed ledger technology