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The modules work together to provide all the services and functionality you need to carry out your operations. Robust and highly flexible, they also have the ability to effortlessly integrate with SAP and Microsoft software seamlessly if need be.

The core value of inter-enterprise blockchain is to unleash collaboration. Collaborating and building “trust” into supply chain can enhance our current capabilities in commercial trade. Our Apps, methodology and blockchain experts takes the real world needs of buyers and their supply chains and provide fine-grained control in Trade finance across all partners.

We started working on a 300 year old trade process and build its insights into dltledgers. These dltledgers based products enable collaborative commerce, steamline supplychain, blockchain based financing of trade, tracking. At DLT.sg, we have engineered the tools to realize this vision.

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At the heart of all DLT Ledger's blockchain solutions are SmartCon®, SmartCode®, SmartFin® , SmartAccess® and BClink®
Gain instant ability to integrate with existing ERP systems. True plug and play system only takes five days to set up and configure.
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Manage information and have the power of selective disclosure among trading parties. Attain visibility without having to sacrifice privacy.
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smartcon logo
Finance transactions while enabling buyers and sellers to leverage currently unavailable arbitrage opportunities. Turn illiquid asset and balance sheet burdens into cash flow. De-risk transactions and unlock capital opportunities for entire supply chain.
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smartcon logo
Gain full transparency on product authenticity and provenance. Deep data and algorithms aid in letting you know the product's design, production and delivery history.
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Autonomous execution of trade functions. Digitize Pos, invoices, bills of lading, letters of credit and more and automate their executing based on agreed trade rules. Buyer can initiate smart contracts that can remain partially manual or fully autonomous based on configurable instructions.

At the heart of all dltledger's blockchain solutions are SmartCon®, SmartCode®, SmartFin® , SmartAccess® and BClink®.
They work together and each plays a vital role in the blockchain.


Learn more about SmartCon®, SmartCode®, SmartFin®, SmartAccess® and BCLink®.

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Smart contracts enable the continuous flow of transactions and data and, ultimately, fine-grained automation across a supply chain with precise control.

SmartCon® are cryptographically secure smart contracts governing an entire purchase cycle.

Using SmartCon®, an enterprise is able to digitise its POs, Invoices, Bills of Lading, Letters of Credit or any documentation involved in a supply chain transaction and automate execution of those instruments based off secure triggers.

Data feeds, such as forecasts and BOMs currently communicated through point-to-point EDI messaging, can also be incorporated into SmartCon®. Triggers on a smart contract can remain partially manual or come from an IOT signal or a set of workflow operations determined by the user.
SmartCon® initiate lending by financiers based on trade instruments such as POs, Invoices, Inventory Assets and even supplier financing. The resulting loans become collateralised assets whose performances can be assured through automated release of funds triggered by market events.

It provides a real-time, reliable view of the transaction state and add significant transparency for all participants and helping them build a more trustworthy and stable supply chain ecosystem.
It enhances liquidity of collateralised assets in a supply chain by improving upon current trade finance instruments such as Factoring, PO Financing and Vendor Managed Inventory Financing.



SmartCode® , our Blockchain solution, adds additional supply chain integrity which is specially helpful when working within informal supply chain into countries where consumers are alive to provenance and authenticity concems. SmartCode® helps provide an end to end traceability record in an inherently auditable,
unchangeable and secure way.

SmartCode® has been developed so that every product can be transparent about its provenance and authenticity, using advanced mathematical algorithms to help combat product fraud. Our APIs provide interconnectedness that is essential in the product traceability journey and we engage with consumers via QR codes or NFC.
How does it work?

Our blockchain based serialisation, proof of provenance and authenticity solution helps drug counterfeit, brand owners combat product
fraud, engage with consumers and comply with regulatory requirements. SmartCode° provides a digital fingerprint for each and every

A tokenized identifier on the blockchain, SmartCodes® provide bank-grade traceability to track physical value in the supply chain.

Our SmartCode® technology is sophisticated in its ability to track finished product at all levels, so there are no gaps in visibility to an
enterprise throughout the supply chain. Using Smartcode, an enterprise can gain iust-in-time data across the entire supply chain
ecosystem, enabling optimal agility and planning.

That same visibility can be extended to the consumer. Your customers will be able to discover the entire history of a product iust by scanning
a Smartcode on their mobile phone. They will also be able to more deeply engage with your brand through a token-based feedback loop,
giving you the foundation for true one-to-one marketing.





Unlock $ 18 Trillion locked up in Inventory. Turn your inventory from an illiquid asset and balance sheet burden into a blockchain asset giving you cash flow relief and arbitrage opportunity.

A special purpose vehicle on the blockchain, DLT's SmartFin® provides inventory financing that de-risks transactions and unlocks capital opportunities for the entire supply chain.

Financing a transaction through SmartFin® enables both buyer and seller to leverage currently unavailable arbitrage opportunities. In a typical transaction, the original purchase contract between the buyer and the seller is assigned to SmartFin® on the blockchain. This acts as a Blockchain Based Security Interest that provides the collateral to an investor in the SmartFin® fund.
SmartFin® uses its funds to purchase goods from the seller and stores them at a VMI warehouse. Finished goods are shipped pursuant to a purchase order from the buyer, a process covered by insurance. The buyer then pays SmartFin® for the goods.unchangeable and secure way.

SmartCode® has been developed so that every product can be transparent about its provenance and authenticity, using advanced mathematical algorithms to help combat product fraud. Our APIs provide interconnectedness that is essential in the product traceability journey and we engage with consumers via QR codes or NFC.
How does it work?
I. SmartFin® Confirms contract and Trade documents into a secure Crypt; we call this TCrypt®
2. Tcrypt is a short term tradable instrument. This can be issued by the ultimate buyer or Financial institution.
3. Tcrypt® is a transferable instrument allowing primary supply chain to defray the cost of raw material with the support of ultimate customer.
TCrypt® is traded on tier 1 and tier 2 markets by any permissible member.



Resolve the information gap in the supply chain without sacrificing privacy so that companies can plan with unprecedented precision and turn firewalled information
into oap'rlal.

We at dIt recognize that complete transparency in the blockchain has its drawbacks in the supply chain context. Enterprises are actually able to collaborate more effectively if they are able to work together knowing their data remains safe and oonfidentiaL To that end, we have developed IP pending SmarlAcoess® technology that implements sophisticated accm controls directly on the blockchain ledger.

What this means is that enterprises are able to plan and collaborate with one another as though they had full information about one another even when that sensitive information stays hidden. Once SmartAcoess® has been implemented on a blockchain as part of our platform offering, algorithms can be applied to data on the distributed blockchain ledger without requiring that data be revealed to any party.



BCLink® is our plug and play module that integrates existing ERP systems into our blockchain platforms. Truly innovative and painless, all we need is five days to set up and configure and the system will be up and running.
You create a trade using SmartCon®
SmartCode® offers visibility so you can see what is happening at all times.
SmartAccess® offers security and transparency while providing privacy.
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smartaccess logo
smartaccess logo
smartaccess logo
smartaccess logo
SmartFin® handles the trading and financing aspects.
This whole thing can be traded using SmartFin®.
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smartaccess logo
BCLink® provides plug and play integration to make blockchain system work with legacy systems.
dlt ledgers blockchain technology is easy to deploy and works seamlessly to revolutionise the way you trade and manage your supply chain

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