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dltledgers platform wins IMDA blockchain Challenge

dltledgers platform wins IMDA blockchain Challenge

dltledgers, a Singapore based blockchain platform company wins the blockchain challenge from Infocomm media development authority of Singapore (IMDA). dltledgers is a blockchain network with several business blockchain codebase for supply chain, actively subscribed and deployed by several organisations. The award is won for the industry network solution and spreads across the customer acceptance, quality, scalability and robustness of the platform. 

This was based on a qualifying process from more than 200+ blockchain innovation applicants and spread across different business use cases. dltledgers won the blockchain challenge for the best supply chain network solution, which is of huge significance in digital transformation of extended supply chain. 

“The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) believes there is room to accelerate growth in blockchain, or other distributed ledger technologies, to help enable a Digital Economy for a Smart Nation. As such, IMDA launched this challenge for companies to develop pioneering solutions using blockchain beyond financial applications. We wanted to develop Network platforms like dltledgers for active use by industry”

“We are delighted by this win and look forward to welcome several of third party apps to work on our open blockchain  network. After several stringent rounds of compete, IMDA have recognised us as a strong manufacturing network  RUNNING in business blockchain. Several of our customers in the platform enjoy the might of our patented code base; several of our apps are industry innovations in supply chain and can be deployed with a plug and play process. Our platform is already seen as a “must have” critical part of the digital journey of large supply chain transformation teams”; Said Samir Neji, Founder and Resident Director of dltledgers. 

Global electronics and technology organisations can deploy their supplier network for a unified supply chain framework. This can support the existing frameworks and power several of digital initiatives in supplier portal, on time payments, on time delivery and order to cash initiatives. This works as a SaaS model with plug and play mode and run the extended supply chain network optimisation using this blockchain platform. You have an ability to create your own networks or run your apps by using the several blockchain innovations in this network. 

“Manufacturing supply chain network” which is called as “Electronics network” build on a SaaS based model is considered as a rapid digitisation network by IMDA and is building an industry framework structure with other third party apps. The network is open for other organisations for building and connecting to manufacturing industry. 

About the company

Distributed Ledger technologies (DLT) Pte ltd is a blockchain company, building inter-enterprise software on blockchain,  working in the supply chain space.

Our clients run business blockchain applications under our flagship platform, dltledgers.

dltledgers has several applications which run international trade, extended supply chain networks, tracking, customer ATP, visibility, food safety, counterfeit prevention and much more.

We stay low, work with real companies and help brick and mortar businesses drive positive cash flow and profits. 

DLT & Hyperledger organise APAC meet up in Singapore

DLT & Hyperledger organise APAC meet up in Singapore

DLT and Hyperledger is organizing a meetup in Singapore on 29th June 2018. RSVP at the following link.

As Enterprises around the world look to see how they can apply Blockchain scenarios to their industry, there is always a discussion about what’s the best framework out there which meets the needs of the large Enterprises in terms of security, scalability, modularity and analytics. Over time, I learnt that this is a religious battle and there is no one right answer there but based on my research and discussion with several industry colleagues and large enterprises, Hyperledger’s frameworks seem to be best bet for enterprise blockchain use cases. In fact, Hyperledger Fabric supports distributed ledger solutions on permissioned networks for a wide range of industries.

So, what is Hyperledger? Hyperledger is open source framework from The Linux Foundation ( supported by more than 235 organizations that contribute code to the frameworks to make them better. The global community have more than 60,000+ strong developer community across 35+ countries.

This meet up is organized to network and discuss few of the important topics for interest among practicing teams. Few of the discussion framework are as below.


Enterprises want something which is private and permissioned. The majority of large enterprises have their data architecture and processes defined and well contained. They are most jittery when they hear some of the lapses that have plagued public blockchain networks. Hyperledger Fabric is a framework for Private Permissioned networks, where all participants have known identities and they can only access and contribute to the part of the data that they should have access to in a business process. With this capability, Hyperledger Fabric provides a permissioned network this suits B2B and B2B2C scenarios very well where you are working with your extended community of suppliers and trading partners and end customers in a private rule defined environment. The hash that protects the data could even further enhance the security with a digital key. Hyperledger Fabric provides modified and unmodified PKCS11 for key generation which supports cases like identity management that support more protection for sensitive data. With Channels (part of Hyperledger Fabric) you could ensure atomic level of partitioning of the data on blockchain providing fine grain security access control which other frameworks struggles to provide. In other words, one can implement a “Need to know basis” paradigm very effectively in Hyperledger Fabric.


Hyperledger Fabric offers a plug and play environment allowing network leads to add their components or preferred implementations. A company may want to bring their own components or fragments that they want to re-use and Fabric allows them to fit those in the overall architecture seamlessly. It’s like a Jigsaw puzzle and you can bring you part and complete the overall puzzle and extend.  For example, in the areas of consensus, encryptions and others you can extend the Fabric with your own components much more easily.


There are three key layers in Hyperledger Fabric’s Architecture:

1.Distributed logic processing and agreement (“Chain code”)

2.Transaction Order

3.Transaction Validation and Commitment

Because of the way Hyperledger Fabric is architected these three layers provide inherent advantages in scalability. There are fewer cycles of trust and verification required across the network nodes. For example, only signatures and read/write set are being sent around the network improving scalability and optimization in performance. Scaling up usually falls into two areas a) scaling a single peer b) scale the network. Hyperledger Fabric supports both types of scaling much more efficiently.


One of the key requirements of enterprises is how do I link this up to provide end-to-end analytics for the blockchain network. Given support of LevelDB and CouchDB, it adds full data-rich queries support and content is JSON and fully queryable. No changes are required to model chain-code data as JSON as data model is in congruence with the existing key/value model.

This hugely simplifies the analytics need around blockchain enterprise projects and this can easily work with any of the existing analytics leading tool out there and provide much needed visualization and analytical support to bring life in a blockchain enterprise project. is Hyperledger general member of Hyperledger  and we are included in the Blockchain Showcase. Our development team is active contributor to Hyperledger Framework’s.

It was fascinating to meet up with Daniela Barbosa (VP of World Wide Alliances, Hyperledger) during our recent visit to SFO and get the latest in terms of Hyperledger’s Frameworks, community and exchange views with her in terms of the future of Hyperledger. Kudos to the entire Hyperledger team to provide an excellent open source framework for this transformative technology.

As I sign off, I am proud to share on behalf of Hyperledger Singapore community that we have a  grand  Hyperledger kick-off event on June 29th with Julian Gordon (VP Hyperledger, Asia Pacific) who will be in Singapore for this grand kick-off community event. For those who are keen to contribute and join this fastest growing blockchain developer community please sign up will be orgaising this meet up at “Ace Idegentaion Center” with Julian Gordon, VP, Hyperledger APAC and other members, to share our further experiences with Hyperledger, as we get more and more customers in production and learn from the real-life enterprise deployments.

Hyperledger Meetup in Singapore signs global partnership with to extend its commitment to Hyperledger platform with its patent-pending Supply Chain Apps signs global partnership with to extend its commitment to Hyperledger platform with its patent-pending Supply Chain Apps


SAN FRANCISCO – April 25, 2018 – Hyperledger ( and DLT.SG (Distributed ledger Technologies, Singapore) today announced a global partnership, to provide more collaboration and contributions to the open source community, led by is a Singapore based regional blockchain company, focussed on supply chain apps and Counterfeit technologies. They are a regional outfit with established partners in APAC. Few of their blockchain supply chain products include SmartCon (Contracts), SmartFin (Securitisation), SmartCode (Visibility) and SmartAccess (Security). MAS (Monetary authority of Singapore) is the only general member from Singapore, in the Hyperledger open source community, which has 222 global members as of this date.

Drug Counterfeit alone kills more than 450,000 people globally, majority of them from less fortunate developing nations in Asia and Africa. We have been working on it for 18 months, have built and started commercialisation of a product that addresses this menace. Our blockchain based Drug Counterfeit App (CheckFake) is a consumer App connected to SmartCode blockchain technology, thus tracks and resolves the counterfeit medicine at no cost to consumers. This blockchain App has been selected by several blockchain innovation panels and the most recent one was our participation at recently concluded MSD Start-up Spotlight 2018.

The aim of  our partnership with will be to continue global contribution to strengthen Hyperledger and offer a jointly developed global trade digitization platform built on open standards and designed for use by the entire global supply chain ecosystem. It will address the need to provide more transparency and simplicity in the movement of goods across borders and trading zones.

Blockchain is a new technology that allows businesses to work together with a lot more trust.  It is a revolutionary way to do business – and is at the forefront of it.  Blockchain has the ability to change the world in the same way that the Internet did and redefine how business happens.  We are in the early days of this technology but saw the potential and got in early to help develop blockchain Apps and build solutions to solve real business problems. has the most comprehensive offering in blockchain in the region and we are working with clients and our developers/engineers across multiple industries to explore how blockchain can transform the business operations in areas as diverse as Agri, Consumer products, Retail, Supply chain, Pharma, Energy and Utilities.

One of our focus areas is Agri Supply Chain trade and food safety. Agri Supply Chain defines everything we consume from our smart cities today. 1/3rd of the global Agri supply chain trade gets done via Singapore. We are closely engaged with a number of Agri Supply Chain companies in Singapore on blockchain use cases delivered with our Production Ready Pilot (PRP) approach.

The World food regulatory authorities are much more concerned on food safety and food origins in a big way. We are currently deploying our blockchain apps in collaboration with regional food agencies and country level organisations to formulate a collaborative trust for supporting the food safety programs with source level information. This is a program supported by world bodies, but run at the source levels in several Asian countries. We are in ideation phase dwith World bank authorities for our next level of activities in Asian markets.

The cost and size of the world’s trading ecosystems continues to grow in complexity. More than $12 trillion in goods are moved each year, and more than 80 percent of the goods consumers used daily are carried by the ocean shipping industry. The maximum cost of the required trade documentation to process and administer many of these goods is estimated to reach one-fifth of the actual physical transportation costs. According to The World Economic Forum, by reducing barriers within the international supply chain, global trade could increase by nearly 15 percent, boosting economies and creating jobs.

The attributes of blockchain technology are ideally suited to large networks of disparate partners. A distributed ledger technology, blockchain establishes a shared, immutable record of all the transactions that take place within a network and then enables permissioned parties access to trusted data in real time. By applying the technology to digitize global trade processes, a new form of command and consent can be introduced into the flow of information, empowering multiple trading partners to collaborate and establishing a single shared view of a transaction without compromising details, privacy or confidentiality. Our team based out of Block 79, Singapore’s innovation belt, is the strongest regional team and we are working towards a more collaborative future, using blockchain in supply chain.

Customers are building use cases based on our Blockchain Apps for a 90 day program on supply chain visibility, Counterfeit, unlocking in-transit inventory and several others interoperability solutions for the enterprise. They are applying blockchain technology using our apps, as well as employing other cloud-based open source technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and Analytics, delivered via our partners, in order to help companies move and track goods digitally across international borders. Manufacturers, Shipping lines, Freight forwarders, Port & Terminal operators and Customs authorities can all benefit from these new technologies –and ultimately consumers.

“This new partnership marks a milestone in our strategic efforts to drive the digitization of global trade. The potential from offering a neutral, open digital platform for safe and easy ways of exchanging information is huge, and all players across the supply chain stand to benefit,” said Samir Neji, Resident Director, “By joining our knowledge of trade with capabilities in blockchain and enterprise technology, we are confident that we can make a real difference in shaping the future of global trade.” blockchain Apps are enabling our clients and industry start up  innovators to build and scale active networks across complex use cases, including cross border payments, supply chains, visibility and digital identification.

To address the specific needs of the industry, has established an advisory board of industry experts to help further shape our platform and services, provide guidance and feedback on important industry factors, and drive open standards.

About is recognized as the regional leader in enterprise blockchain apps for Supply Chain. The company’s research, technical and business experts have broken barriers in transaction processing speeds, developed the most advanced cryptography to secure transactions, and are contributing open source code to advance blockchain adoption for businesses. is the regional leader in open-source blockchain solutions built for the enterprise. The cloud-based Blockchain Platform delivers the end-to-end capabilities that clients need to quickly activate and successfully develop, operate, govern and secure their own business networks. is a member of Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. For more information about DLT blockchain, visit or follow us on Twitter at @dlt_sg


Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and Technology.

Think of it as an operating system for marketplaces, data-sharing networks, micro-currencies, and decentralized digital communities. It has the potential to vastly reduce the cost and complexity of getting things done in the real world.

Only an Open Source, collaborative software development approach can ensure the transparency, longevity, interoperability and support required to bring blockchain technologies forward to mainstream commercial adoption. That is what Hyperledger is about – communities of software developers building blockchain frameworks and platforms.

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