Singapore/ Morocco, May 13th, 2022 – BANK OF AFRICA takes another step towards supporting their client through trade flow digitization with the help of dltledgers' blockchain technology. Technology can be a decisive factor between growth and stagnation in today's business environment for both corporates and banks. To this end, dltledgers will enable BANK OF AFRICA to offer its customers a new digital channel for trade finance processing. This partnership will enable the banking group to facilitate trade finance, improve visibility of the underlying flows, and better client experience. Indeed, the creation of private permissioned networks over blockchain enables closer collaboration and trust between the bank and its customers. BANK OF AFRICA is definitely committed to delivering industry-leading customer experience and digitizing trade finance using dltledger's blockchain technology; the bank is leading the way in Africa and setting a global example.


Founded in 1959, BANK OF AFRICA is a leading pan-African financial services group. Capitalizing on its ownership by O Capital group, a regional leader involved in diverse business sectors with high-growth potential, BANK OF AFRICA is a universal bank with a highly diversified range of operations, including retail, commercial, investment banking, and specialized financial services such as leasing, factoring, consumer credit, and debt recovery. Present in 32 countries, including 21 in Africa, the group perpetuates itself through a continental strategy while maintaining an international vocation as it is well-positioned in Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America.

About dltledgers

dltledgers is a global platform company with Singapore as its HQ. We are a customer-centric platform for cross-border trade execution. Several regional and global banks have signed up and operate as network partners in offering trade financing services on the platform. Apart from counter-party assignment in blockchain, we network shipping, logistics, ports, and other network partners into a trusted trade network for our customers. With digitization and blockchain, Cross border trade is being transformed like never before. dltledgers blockchain platform leads the pack with over USD 4 billion trade executed globally.”