MoneyFM : #dltledgers helps SMEs contribute to the supply chain ecosystem.
April 26, 2021

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Mind Your Business Segment with #dltledgers

21 April 2021
Helping SMEs contribute to the supply chain ecosystem
Listen to what can be done to bring an innovative approach to enable trade among SMEs? In Mind Your Business, Howie Lim speaks to Samir Neji, founder & CEO, dltledgers about helping SMEs contribute to the bigger economy.

About #dltledgers

#dltledgers is the leading, independent blockchain platform for trade and supply chain digitisation, headquartered in Singapore. The platform helps companies to digitise their commercial documents, contracts, and bank interactions, enabling them to automate multi-party transactions, streamline processes, and reduce cost. The net result is faster, more cost-effective trade execution, more robust, auditable collaboration between enterprises, and often improved capacity to obtain financing.


More about #dltledgers

Network participants include buyers, sellers, trading companies, banks and alternative lenders, as well as carriers, logistics partners, insurers, ports, and a variety of certifying bodies and government agencies. The #dltledgers blockchain platform is a pioneer in enterprise blockchain. It was the first platform of its kind globally to go into full production, and it has processed several billion dollars-worth of live transactions.

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