Jumpstart your Blockchain Initiative with our Apps


Your proof of concept in 90 days featuring:

  • Live working application developed
  • Performance benchmark of scalability
  • Custom smart contracts specific to the target use case
  • Tips and recommendations

PoC is a working model of our apps in your industry use case requirement; proven methodology, checkpoints and relevant acts of an experimentation at our labs.


Continuous research and development is a part of our DNA.

dlt can catalogue 10–30 use cases in your industry where Blockchain plays an important role. We also measure disruptive force of each use case and size its capacity/amount to turn it into a new revenue source.

Competitive initiatives in enterprise, who need idea workshops, require competitive business models – This is a one stop one day activity to blackboard and consult on the possibilities.


Hyperledger is an open source platform for Blockchain technology that is specifically optimised for enterprise. The Blockchain technology is a unique concept that may be difficult to understand.

Our training is focused on real-life use cases in your industry and based on our experience of delivering applications employing blockchain. DLT’s Hyperledger-edu aims to bring together thought leaders on blockchain from leading Blockchain companies and academia to share our collective work and expertise on Hyperledger Fabric.

Our technology team has years of combined Blockchain experience, most of us being engaged in implementations of new use cases, smart contracts, and engineering of distributed ledger technologies.

Thank you for your interest in dlt.sg platform.


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