Agri supply-chain

One of the most leveraged and contributing Industry, But known for its extreme disparity between peer to peer trust in commercial production and trade across countries, we find huge potential for our Blockchain Apps. Resolution of commercial trade barriers is of high priority, as it unleashes capital for further investments and reduces price for end consumers.

A seed to shelf story vision can be supported by streamlining the trade barriers from farmers to consumers. Organisations focussed on this cause (Big or small) can contribute to its profitability and immediate term benefits in the industry.

An outcome of enabling the commercial trade will help farmers, who are the most significant sector in rural areas and provides a livelihood for 70 per cent of the world’s poor, it is also the industry that provides the biggest disconnect between supplier and retailer. Using dlt Blockchain apps, however, a more direct link can be established, ensuring that farmers receive fair payment for their produce and enabling commercial trade organisations unleash their working capital for further investments.

Our apps are build across the contract, tracking and inventory financing, while it keeps the privacy of each party in trade.


chem pharma

Chem & Pharma

While there are a number of intuitive applications for blockchain in Pharma and public healthcare, we are focussed on pharmaceutical sector that is responsible for developing, manufacturing and distributing the medicines that are used in these settings every day? We are lazer focussed on resolving this one problem and have build our apps to support this problem in developing nations.

A number of possibilities are already being considered in the industry, but our apps focus on one facet of the pharma landscape is particularly ripe for improvement: the drug supply chain. The issue of counterfeit medicines has become increasingly pressing, both in terms of the economic cost of this global black market and the risk to human life that comes from taking counterfeit drugs that may not have the same active pharmaceutical ingredients or dosage levels as the real thing.


DLT Counterfeit App is the most efficient global tracking system which provides security to the pharmaceutical companies, governments, regulators and the public, that counterfeit drugs do not enter the supply chain. Our Blockchain based app utilises tracking algorithms and mathematical model over Bloackchain inherent capabilities. We ahve apartnered few of the worlds best Artificial Intelligence and big data analysis  companies to provide the pharmaceutical industry with value added services which allow for more efficient processes and methods as well as a more transparent supply chain. Our system is safe, secure, encrypted and immutable.

We are working with governments, Pharma companies and regulatory organisations for defining the processes and best practices around our battle on counterfeit drugs.

DLT has created a platform which eliminates counterfeit drugs, creates efficiencies in the pharmaceutical industry, and allows the purchase of genuine drugs anywhere. Built on blockchain, our Apps, partner with artificial intelligence and big data analysis. For a more detail, talk to us. 

oil and gas

Oil & Gas

Given geographic, political and operational realities, along with the scale of investment required within the industry, companies in chemicals and petroleum cannot exist in isolation. Most are connected beyond the industry consolidation we’ve witnessed recently through engineering, procurement, construction management, joint ventures, or other key service supplier relationships. These companies rely on extensive supply chain networks to bring their products and services to market.

Their industry network connects suppliers, partners, distributors and customers, and operates across geographies and regulatory boundaries. Industry networks become more complex as the number of participants in them increases. They also reorganize constantly through restructuring initiatives, mergers, acquisitions or regulatory actions.

Assets, goods and services are exchanged within these supply chain networks, and value is created through transactions governed by contracts. Navigate to your right for more information ……


When the price of crude oil is low, the high cost of upstream oil exploration and development coupled with downstream efficiency challenges forces most companies to reduce costs, almost to the point of sacrificing their future. We believe that a step change is needed in how chemicals and petroleum companies conduct business transactions.

DLT sees blockchain as a key component in this step change for the industry.

Blockchain is more than just a disruptive technology. It represents an opportunity for  chemicals and petroleum companies to increase their profitability in today’s economic environment and well into the future. DLT  has a deep understanding of the regulatory issues  for chemicals and petroleum companies and what is required to move this next generation digital transformation forward.
In the future, as blockchain-enabled business transactions become more sophisticated, business and industry networks could evolve into self-governing cognitive business networks and reduce the cost of payment transactions by an estimated 30 percent.  Much more than a technology to automate business transactions, our blockchains apps create a new model for trust by establishing transactional relationships between businesses via smart contracts, certifications and digital compliance.

Jumpstart your Blockchain Initiative with our Apps


Your proof of concept in 90 days featuring:

  • Live working application developed
  • Performance benchmark of scalability
  • Custom smart contracts specific to the target use case
  • Tips and recommendations

PoC is a working model of our apps in your industry use case requirement; proven methodology, checkpoints and relevant acts of an experimentation at our labs.


Continuous research and development is a part of our DNA.

dlt can catalogue 10–30 use cases in your industry where Blockchain plays an important role. We also measure disruptive force of each use case and size its capacity/amount to turn it into a new revenue source.

Competitive initiatives in enterprise, who need idea workshops, require competitive business models – This is a one stop one day activity to blackboard and consult on the possibilities.


Our Apps are purpose build to support an early adoption model where we co-work with your teams to purpose build and adapt to your use case. Our training programs and one day workshops can get your started on your journey.

Adoption of blockchain technology will enable faster, permissioned, immutable, transparent and auditable business-to-business interactions between companies and their suppliers, distributors, financial institutions, or regulators.

We recommend that businesses consider the following steps to get the most value from blockchain:

Position your business operation as an early adopter by: – Identifying the most compelling use cases by considering the highest-value opportunities – Identifying discrete areas where the attributes of blockchains drive rapid impact – Using design thinking to simplify the user experience and create agile proofs of concept to drive rapid adoption

Collaborate broadly to achieve globally accepted standards by: – Exploring the role of alliances and how profit pools might be redistributed. Then, decide on your role in building and piloting broader business networks – Consider the blockchain as the new business environment and collaboration as the optimal way of working, then consider with whom you should partner to create the optimal business network.

Scale lines of business with clear revenue models by: – Looking for new sources of revenue as business models are disrupted by blockchain, for example, consumption-based pricing, licensing and micro-charges and payments – Exploring how new blockchain-based services and apps can replace, complement or scale existing revenue models – Understanding how blockchain might extract further value from other technologies, such as big data analytics, the Internet of Things, cognitive and cloud computing

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