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dltledgers Traders’ Trusted Network is an all in one solution for your international trade. Hundreds of traders digitise their trade, connect business partners (banks, shipping, insurance, sellers, customers, farmers, mfg, certification authorities, etc) into various autonomous trade contracts. They are digitising Letter of credits, accounts receivable financing, accounts payable financing, supplier financing, and even BL for faster cash cycles, thus achieving better cash flow, higher margins and greater volumes.

Our growing community of international traders are building trusted networks, farm communities etc, further building a trust-based supply chain framework for transforming and scaling their international trade businesses into a digital era.

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DLTLedgers Blockchain app
DLTLedgers helps you to connect everything
Blockchain your trade

dltledger's International Trade Network digitizes your trade and engages all parties. It shows all parties exactly what is going on at any point in time and has so many benefits besides higher margins, better cash flow and greater volume.

Blockchain your trades
DLT Singapore
Distributed Ledgers
Blockchain your trades with DLT

Customer initiates an order with you.

Your customer uses Trading Platform to make an order with you.

Blockchain your trades
Blockchain your trades with DLTLedgers
Enter Trade Into Network
You enter your contract terms into the network and once the agreed terms match with the seller's the trade will be autonomously triggered.
Block your trades by DLT
Blockchain your trades also involves your sellers
DLTledgers trades better

Trade financing for you

Using the network, you select the bank that you would like to finance your trade.

The banks are in our blockchain network
DLTLedgers empowers your trades
Blockchain your trades

Seller's bank is notified

Network then informs the Seller's bank of the impending trade and credit is released to the Seller to finance the trade.

DLTLedgers link your banks for seamless end to end trade financing
Blockchain network

Seller makes order

Using the network the Seller then makes an order from a supplier, in this case a farmer.

Blockchain can connect even the farmers

Farmer sends the order

The Farmer then sends the order for processing and get's paid by the Seller's bank. All movement of the order and its accompanying transactions are captured and reflected in real time on the network.

Order is transported for shipping
The processing plant processes the crop from the farmer then sends the order forward to the port for shipping to you. Location of the order is continually being tracked and reported in the network.
Blockchain even the factory that process your grain or commodities

Shipment of order

Bills of lading are generated by shipping company and posted in the network. The status of the order is tracked and reported. You will know exactly when your order leaves the Seller's port and arrive at yours.

Blockchain the entire shipping process
Blockchain the shipping documents

Order fulfilment

The order is delivered to the customer completing the trade. Payment is released to you and all details are captured by the network.

Blockchain your trades end to end
Trading Platform is for you
DLT Ledger's Trading Platform works seamlessly to take the unnecessary hassles and uncertainties out of commodities trading. You get the full picture of what is going on at all times

Nothing to build, all you have to do is join.

dltledgers Traders' Trusted Network offers you:

Immutable records that can't be overwritten
Real time tracking
Accuracy and conflict minimisation
Autonomous trading
Ability to trade with trustless parties with peace of mind
Huge savings in time and man hours
Differentiated service in winning trade
Transparent with required privacy

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oil And Gas


all trades can be block chained

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Getting started with dltledgers International
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Network in blockchain.
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Track, finance, real time cash.
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How Blockchain is Changing International Trade.

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Our Customers

Featured Client Success Story

Agrocorp International


A Time For Transformation

The trade process has remained fundamentally unchanged for the last three hundred years. Needing to upgrade their methods and realise the very tangible benefits that blockchain can bring, Agrocorp International started working with dltedgers
international trade network (ITN) to perform several of their trade live with banks and other trading partners in blockchain.

Needing real time connectivity, meeting customer expectations of real time visibility, customer ATP, requirements of on time payments and authenticated origin information, Agrocorp decided that it was time to bring their trading processes into the 21st century.

Getting the Banks On Board

The Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) and other financial institution  are on board the International Trade Network to provide trade financing. This meant that the old hassles of Letters of Credit, Trade financing, Paper driven BL and Supplier Financing no longer had to be dealt with, ensuring the smoothness and efficiency of every part of the trading process.

Ready, Set, Go

Once all the trading partners were signed on and plugged into ITN, Agrocorp started initiating trades and immediately experienced the benefits that ITN brought.

DBS and financial institution integrated enabled full stack trade finance to enable digital trade for end to end transactions. With this successful implementation, Agrocorp effectively overhauled their process, saving large amounts of man hours and resources and also getting the following benefits:
• Origin Visibility And Tracking
• End to end digital trade live and running
• Digital Contracts On Time Payments
• Digital BL integrated to banks

  • Origin Visibility And Tracking
  • Real Time Contracts On Time Payments
  • Automatic Bank Payments

“We are so excited to use dltledgers for our trades. It transformed our trade process with complete integration to banks, shipping, insurance and customers so easily!”



Vishal Vijay

Head of Business Development, Agrocorp International

Leading The Era Of Digital Trade

Digital Trade involves an inter-enterprise network of several parties including, ports, shipping, banks, insurance, manufacturing and ultimate customers. Digitisation of trade contracts extends beyond geographical boundaries and government regulations. Autonomous self executing contracts streamlined between different parties.

Eg: Farmer ➔ Processing unit ➔ Trucking ➔ Shipping ➔ Agrocorp ➔ Ultimate Buyer.

Blockchain based trade finance integrated to enable different bank nodes in blockchain for automated payments.

Digital Tracking With Authenticity

Business blockchain tracking can help you identify the loopholes at SKU level tracking of inventory flow across the supply network. While traditional tools have focused on inhouse tracking and certifications, this did not result in establishing authenticity and transparency required from demanding customers. Digital customers demand authenticated tracking solutions which can track across the digital and supply framework in blockchain. dltledgers platform can work from tracking with integration with your existing IOT devices, legacy ERP and bring/connect them into blockchain.

Farmers at Source

Source Farmer participation drives food safety controls for every product you consume. Agrocorp International have the ability to build differentiated networks authenticated source information in every trade it does, thus enhancing its digital capability in scaling. This is critical for large agri-supplychain organisations. Source level tracking, Certifications, Sustainability and the quality of products are made available to the extended supply chain and end customers.
FarmDirect supports next generation farmer integration in blockchain; The capability to support large set of growers and help them with direct farmer level consensus for commits, pricing and booking into contract is an automated process which runs the digital blockchain framework at Agrocorp.

Privacy of each party is controlled in the network digital file cabinet, acting as a secure vault for all contracts and related document of all parties; Contract trigger table offering smartCon templates for 30+ trade products; And more. Talk to our customer and you will be amazed at the speed at which we can digitise your trade in blockchain. You can go for digital trade in days.


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