Blockchain for Sustainability in Labour Practices
June 15, 2021

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#dltledgers blockchain platform helps global organizations track ethical and sustainable labor practices.

There is increasing demand for ethical and sustainable work practices in response to incidents of global worker exploitation that include: wage underpayments, harmful working conditions, child labor, forced labor, human trafficking, and modern slavery.

Therefore, by using the #dltledgers platform, organizations can provide verifiable tracking data that you are manufacturing products in an ethical way, by monitoring fair work practices: a version of the truth that everyone can agree on, the ability to bring together a consensus between different stakeholders, and the security only an unalterable record can provide.

By using #dltledgers platform sustainability, businesses can confirm that only responsible, sustainable, and legal labor practices are being utilized. Businesses can employ our blockchain solution to record the footsteps of all your products, to be tracked all the way from rubber plantations  to products, our solution provides an unalterable record of the products journey, how it has been processed, and the ethical labor legacy it leaves behind. It increases transparency throughout the supply chain, limiting negative environmental impact and empowering the workforce in your plantations to factories to work safely, live better, and improve financial security.

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