A lot has been written about how blockchain would transform the international trade. So, this is not yet another blog on the same lines, but I intend to throw some light on its adoption & traction we are seeing with International traders and what International traders are doing to stay relevant to drive the competitive differentiation using our purpose built DLTLEDGERS trusted Trade Platform.

Obviously, there are many moving and laborious parts in the international trade process. For example a shipment of green mungs bean from Australia to China can result into a pipe of paper 25 centimeters high and cost of handling it can be higher than cost of transporting the containers leave aside the time lost in the process.

Since early this year when we launched our DLTLEDGERS Trade Platform, we have seen a great traction with international traders with hundreds of traders are taking advantage of running their first trade in blockchain saving both time and money. We have several traders who are running multiple trades using our DLTLEDGERS platform on a daily basis.

With DLTLEDGERS platform we are democratizing the access of the trade platform and making it easy for an international trader to sign up, set up their business partner and operationalize their trade in blockchain in 10 mins. It no longer requires huge capital investment, cutting knowledge on part of a trader or a big team to pull this off. Trader can sign off and get set in less than 10 mins to use the DLTLEDGERS platform.  This also bridges the gap between larger traders and small or mid-size traders, offering the same services for all. We have simplified it into a size and form which can be understood and applied for a trader, who needs faster movement of his cash.

Guess what we have several traders who are live using our DLTLEDGERS Platform and doing their real blockchain trade every day with a fraction of the cost. We truly believe that we are doing our bit to democratize and provide trader of all sizes access to this disruptive technology to push their competitive advantage.

Some of the benefits that traders have seen in our DLTLEDGERS Platform relates to platform

-Save money in your trade process  (up to 2000 dollars saving in your trade)

-Discount and incentive from Banks on your trade finance if routed through this platform  (better credit lines at reduced margin

-Make your cash run faster

-Reduce counter Party risk and Frauds

–Secured audit of the Trade conversations which typically happens on  mobile/whatsapp/email conversations w different parties in the private way in a need to know basis

With DLTLEDGERS Traders are able to connect your next International Trade with all parties in a private secured fashion taking advantage of digital issuance of LC, digitizing BL, Quality and other certification documents, ability to trace from source to target and take advantage of better deals to finance your trade and working capital.

Sign up here for your trial at  https://dlt.sg/traders-free-trial/

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