#dltledgers for Banks

See how banks are using blockchain as a platform for digitisation: improving trade flow visibility, reducing risk, and cutting 5% off their trade financing costs.

Support your key accounts

Banks and financial institutions are already co-innovating with dltledgers, using blockchain technology to offer better services to their customers, such as:

  • Digital trade finance
  • Factoring or Accounts Receivable Purchase (ARP)
  • Interbank LC processing
  • Accounts Payable Financing (APF)
  • Trust Receipt Financing
Don’t Let Visibility Affect Your Growth

Rudimentary and the manual nature of trade finance systems today results in risk and higher costs. #dltledgers solutions for trade finance built on blockchain as the underlining technology — helps you establish new trading partnerships, uncover new liquidity pools, and create new business models. Now you can rely on distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, enhanced security, built-in governance, and extensive control capabilities for real-time access to trade finance data.

#dltledgers Advantage
Mitigate Risk And Operational Costs

Quickly process credits and guarantees electronically, gain deep insights into client financial positions and transaction histories, and monitor transactions from start to finish in real time.

Find New Opportunities And Markets

Discover revenue opportunities through a new class of transparent, risk-mitigated and standardized trade finance and trade credit insurance solutions.

Establish Leadership In A New Era Of Trade

Foster greater trust and transparency in cross-border trading. Enjoy first-mover advantages by convening new trade networks and creating new trading ecosystems.

Leadership In Trade Facilitation

We’re reinventing complex trade processes to help start, accelerate and innovate blockchain networks — including the successful production development of #dltledgerswhich now has 45+ active banks on the platform from around the world.


Our unrivaled experience in strategy, rapid product development, governance and regulation helps blockchain networks expand membership — and join forces with others.

Trusted Business Expertise

As an early player and leader in the cross border trade digitisation space, #dltledgers has been in the motion for over 3 years - Longer than any other company in the space— with 500+ client engagements to date & 4 Billion+ in trade volume.


Banks facilitating trade finance through Block-chain do not require a trusted intermediary to assume risk, eliminating the need for correspondent banks

Reduced Coun-Terparty Risk

#dltledgers E-Bills of lading are tracked through Blockchain, eliminating the potential for double spending

Proof Of Ownership

The title available within Blockchain powedered digitial file cabinet provides transparency into the location and ownership of the goods

Topics for Banks
Tradedoc Validation

#dltledgers performs duplicate and fraudulent Invoice and Bill of Lading checks for banks…

Supplier Financing

The dltledgers platform provides large enterprises with a new way of consolidating supply chain…

Mitigate Risk And Fraud

Trade financing today is still largely a manual, paper- based business. It is invariably…

Reduce Tat, Human Errors, Effort And Cost

Most financial institutions are now committed to some form of digital innovation – moving away…

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