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About dltledgers

Traditional Trade & Supply Chain processes struggle with a lack of transparency, visibility & adequate risk-monitoring, in-turn driving a financing gap between capital starved institutions and banks. Covid-19 has accelerated the widening of this inter-entreprise gap amidst a change in deep-tier financing demands from both institutions and banks.

dltledgers is an integrated digital solution that delivers transparency, visibility & adequate risk-monitoring in real-time is the need of the hour to address financing disequilibria. An extended solution with regulatory participation will close the loop, significantly improving the ability to detect & prevent double financing & other fraudulent activities.


Lack of transparency across parties introduces risks


Lack of adequate risk-monitoring introduces fraud

Costs & Delays

Delayed or inadequate financing adds costs & delays

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Headquartered out of Singapore, a global commodities trading hub, favourable government policy & the concentration of trade flows has enabled us to scale and grow across the APAC region. With a strong sales pipeline well into 2021, we are currently in the process of ramping up our sales, engineering & customer success teams. Lead by an experienced founder and a seasoned leadership team, we are looking to scale and expand globally.Since the first transaction went live in early 2018, over $3 billion worth of live trade finance transactions has been executed via the platform involving 400+ traders, 65+ banks and tertiary partners. A key driver to this success has been our ability to use technology to reduce trade execution times from 45+ days to a matter of hours reducing operational overhead and improving working capital lifecycle by 15-20%.Our clients are mainly large international trading firms, large corporates, supply chain firms and banks. A few of our growing set of key customers are Mitsui, Agrocorp, Shiseido, Wipro Unza, IFFCO and ANZ bank amongst others.

Our Members
Akash Nahar

Senior Global Banker and International Development consultant, having worked in India, Europe and Africa with the last assignment with Morgan Stanley.

Kris Leong

22-year veteran in the investment industry focusing on investments in digital media, internet and mobile sectors. Responsible for sourcing, due diligence, investment, monitoring and divestment of portfolio companies.

Samir Neji

Over 26 years of building mature and sustainable business models in APAC, Orchestrating hybrid solution skills across disruptive digital business platforms.

Farooq Siddiqi

Senior transaction & corporate banking professional with experience in running global and regional businesses. Deep expertise in emerging markets of Asia and Middle East.

Amit Ghosh

Business leader with 18 years of experience across strategy and operations, biz dev & commercial solution design. Industry experience in digital payments & enterprise IT services.