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Worlds fastest growing extended supply chain and trade finance digitalization platform

“Plug-and-play” solution for digitalizing cross-border trade Finance and supply chains.

The world's largest extended supply chain and trade digitisation platform

dltledgers is Asia’s leading trade finance blockchain platform that works to reduce delays in cross-border supply chain transactions. By utilizing blockchain and supply chain finance, we eliminate manual processes and multi-channel communication, enhancing transparency and traceability.

With SAP’s certification, we are the only trade finance blockchain platform that can be integrated with SAP applications. Other platforms affiliated with outs include Sharepoint and Oracle. To date, three billion dollars worth of cross-border business has been digitized.

Our partnering banks include DBS, Maybank, and Standard Chartered. #dltledgers’ consultants can help you find out more about increasing capital efficiency and gaining visibility of businesses.

Asia’s Leading Trade Finance Digitisation Platform

dltledgers is an industry-leading "No-code" trade finance digitization platform that utilizes blockchain technology to deliver multi-enterprise supply chain business networks (MESCBNs). Digitization, collaboration, and authentication are dltledgers' three key pillars for ensuring trust, privacy, and security.

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Transparency with Enterprise Blockchain

A significant increase in visibility throughout the supply chain can benefit companies with cross-border distribution. By utilizing enterprise blockchain, you can enjoy 15-20% lower financing costs, and provide provenance tracking from origin to customer.

Trade Finance for Banks

DLT Ledgers provides trade and supply chain finance improvements in trade flow visibility through its blockchain platform. We have helped around 45 banks in Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe in reducing TAT, risks, fraud, and errors within trade finance, leading to a 5% reduction in operational costs.

Trade Finance for Traders

Boost visibility by 80%, reduce finance costs by 20%, improve traceability, and open up new credit lines.Take part in the journey to better trade finance with more than 450 small, medium, and large traders.

Supercharge your transactions with trade finance digitization.

The Revolution is now.

The supply chain is the lifeline of the global economy, yet it is a complex industry. Legacy systems are impeding international cross-border trade and causing friction in multi-party collaboration. Proponents of technology have long advocated for trade digitization but few have yet secured repeatable, digitally-executed transactions.

dltledgers changes that.

We use blockchain technology to provide businesses across the world a competitive advantage by boosting efficiency, seamless collaboration, enterprise-grade security, and enhanced access to working capital. We designed our platform with three main criteria in mind: "Digitization, Collaboration, and Authentication," to offer three critical pillars of trust, privacy, and security. With our "No coding" and Plug-and-Play platform, our blockchain technology will make trade finance digitization and extended supply chains simple. Over 4,000 companies use our platform to finance and facilitate cross-border transactions, with more than $4 billion in trades.

Your journey to digitizing global trade operations and extended supply chains begins here. Talk to us to learn more.

Raof Latiff

The blockchain solution creates an opportunity for us to support various types of industries with all sorts of supply chain requirements, with end-to-end traceability and transparency across all transactions, which is very different from the traditional approach of being a one-to-one counterparty. I look forward to bringing this solution to various other industries, to support them on their end-to-end supply chains, and to get financed on these transactions.

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