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blockchain apps for supply chain

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Join our dltledgers trader's trusted network Digitize your trade.

Read our client success stories and see how you can win big too.

blockchain your supply chain

Get your supply chain on our platform and be networked across multiple suppliers, countries and time zones.

Read our client success stories and see how you can benefit too.

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All this happens with DLTLedgers - our inter-enterprise solution with our blockchain modules, software and applications.

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We are a inter-enterprise software company working in the supply chain space.

Our clients run business blockchain applications under our flagship platform, dltledgers.

dltledgers has several applications which run international trade, extended supply chain networks, tracking, customer ATP, visibility, food safety, counterfeit prevention and much more.

We help brick and mortar businesses drive positive cash flow and profits and we can help you too. 

DLT Singapore
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Supercharge Your Trades

dltledgers is here to supercharge your international trade in agri or any commodities right into the 21st century. Digitise your trade with complete control over banks, shipping, logistics, insurance and your supplier network. Simply plug in and trade.

We are ecstatic to run our trades on the dltledgers platform. Our manual trade processes were transformed into a complete digital framework. This is helping us with better cash flow, faster closing, scale and complete integration to banks, shipping, insurance and our supplier networks. FarmDirect connects our farmers directly to our blockchain trade with ease.

Vishal Vijay

Head of Business Development, Agrocorp International

Empowering Extended Supply Chain 

dltledgers can network your complex extended supply chain to give you realtime visibility beyond your direct suppliers and distributors. We power your supplier portals and build vendor networks beyond imagination. Our approach is conceptually a paradigm shift in connecting enterprises.

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We are convinced of its ability to deliver a fully automated end-to-end visibility, connected to our hundreds of business partners, giving us realtime updates of our supplier networks; with zero impact to any existing legacy ERP.

The concept approach and functionality in dltledgers blockchain applications proves to be a single version of truth accross our extended supply chain. We are completely satisfied at dltledger’s capability to manage the complexity of our extended networks and we are leading this into our digital transformation.

Guatam Kamdar

VP Global Planning Supply Chain, Schneider Electric


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We believe that everyone can blockchain but not everyone can benefit from it. Contact us to find out more.

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Find out what is happening in the blockchain world and how DLT has been advancing our platform very rapidly. says Asia finds a block in blockchain

Original article on published on 28th Dec 2018.  Here is a short excerpt and we are quote: "But some developments have nothing to do with the bank consortia. For example, DBS – which is, in most respects, a tech leader – does not appear in these big...

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Continuous research and development is a part of our DNA. can catalogue 10–30 use cases in your industry where Blockchain plays an important role. We also measure disruptive force of each use case and size its capacity/amount to turn it into a new revenue source.


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To help meet the increasing need for blockchain developers, consultants and architects, has added blockchain training as an open house learning platform for our customers, a program that provides students and educators with training resources to develop market-ready skills.

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